Gina Zanowski’s desire for a flower truck actually began well before her lucky discovery of Georgia Blue. She had long dreamed of owning a Ford pickup and running her own business. For a woman with 20 years of experience in the medical field, though, that dream was not easy to get started.

Owner Gina Zanowski of Georgia Blue Flower Truck

“Every time I thought about leaving the medical field and starting my own business I got pulled back in,” she explains. Her dream always hovered just out of reach. She needed a push over the edge—an inspiration to drive her forward.

“The idea for a flower truck was so serendipitous.” Zanowski recalls. “I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to buy an old Ford pickup truck. I knew I wanted to be able to work outside and make my own schedule all while doing something fun and exciting. While all this was on my mind, I was creating centerpieces for our daughter’s christening and, as I Googled ideas, an adorable flower truck popped up. I knew then and there that I can combine all of my ideas in one small business.”

So, with a little bit of serendipity, a christening, and a lucky Georgian barn find, the Georgia Blue Flower Truck was born as the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley.

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